Lesson 5 - Being Dependable

Teacher with student

Learning Goal: To understand the importance of being dependable, to identify areas for improving personal dependability, and to further develop the characteristic of being dependable.


Being dependable is one of the most highly sought after traits for
workers in the modern workplace. This work ethic construct includes honesty, reliability, and being on time. People who are not dependable often are very expensive to keep around because of the wasted time and resources their behavior causes. In some cases, even peoples' lives can be lost if another person is not dependable.

Assignment 1:

Think of the various roles you engage in on any given day. For example, you may have responsibilities as a student, a worker, an athlete, a club member, a church member, or as a member of some type of team. Answer the following questions with these roles in mind. Once you have completed the questions, take a few minutes to discuss them in a small group.

  • What personal traits can you list that make you dependable in these roles?
  • What traits would you like to develop to make you more dependable?
  • What are the most important characteristics of being dependable that will help you in your future studies and/or careers?

Assignment 2:

Select from the following roles a description that might apply to yourself. Click on the link and read the scenario provided. How would dependability be important to the outcome? Write a paragraph or two about the potential problems that might arise and be prepared to talk about your thoughts with others in a small group discussion.