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Holland Types

John Holland developed a popular format for determining interests, which is included here. Holland's code comprises six personality types:


Realistic (R)

Interests Skills Personality
work with machines fix mechanical objects mechanical
work outdoors plant a garden nature lover
work with hands operate machinery practical
build things read a blueprint problem solver

Investigative (I)

Interests Skills Personality
explore ideas do science experiments inquisitive
analyze data solve math problems precise
use computers perform basic programming abstract thinker
read science fiction interpret formulas independent

Artistic (A)

Interests Skills Personality
read fiction, plays write stories imaginative
work on crafts design new things innovative
act, sing, listen to music play or compose music creative
take photographs sketch, draw, or paint intuitive

Social (S)

Interests Skills Personality
help people teach/train others helpful
do volunteer work plan activities outgoing
play team sports host an event insightful
work in groups lead meetings friendly

Enterprising (E)

Interests Skills Personality
meet people initiate projects assertive
make decisions that affect others sell or promote persuasive
negotiate sales/deals make speeches enthusiastic
participate in political activities convince others persistent

Conventional (C)

Interests Skills Personality
work with numbers keep accurate records organized
be responsible for details statistical work mathematical
learn computer programs operate computers efficient
follow directions write business letters conscientious

Data, People, Things, and Ideas

A second way of looking at occupations is to measure them in terms of Data, People, Things, and Ideas.

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