Preparation for UGA Class Work Ethic Presentation

(This page is provided to University of Georgia students enrolled in selected classes in the Program of Workforce Education for a unit of study on work ethic.)

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A presentation for an upcoming class will be related to the topic of work ethic, work attitudes, and employability skills. The assignments described below will allow you to become familiar with a series of on-line resources available at this web site and will prepare you for the discussion planned for the upcoming session.

Completion of the assignments will involve some response to Dr. Hill regarding use of materials on this web site. He will then forward information on to the instructor for the class to assure that proper credit is given. If you have questions about any of these materials or assignments, please contact Dr. Hill.


Complete each of the following activities:

Fax or email the following items to Dr. Hill as instructed by your professor.  If you choose to fax materials, the number is 706.542.4054.

  1. Your OWEI scores for interpersonal skills, initiative, and being dependable.
  2. A one paragraph critique of each of the six on-line work ethic lessons you completed. 


If work ethic is an area of interest for you, please feel free to contact Dr. Hill to discuss his research in this area further.  

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